Golf Recruiting Guide

The smartest and most painless way to navigate the college golf recruiting process

My Story

I created this guide to alleviate the unnecessary uncertainty and stress caused by the college recruiting process that is leading to student-athletes and their families being exploited by predatory companies.

Instead of keeping you “in the dark” to upsell more services, I work to bring clarity to the process by giving an uncensored and “no bullshit” look from someone who has actually recently been through it.

My mission is to make the most detailed, clear, and ever-evolving guide to the college golf recruiting process that will enable anyone, with a little bit of grit, to make the recruiting process work for you. 

How it works

Join. Network. Grow.

Access To Actionable knowledge and direction with a comprehensive guide

Access to a community of other aspiring junior golfers and their parents

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Our Blog

Where to start? What is the point of this service?

The Origin of the Golf Recruiting Guide

How do college golf scholarships work?

Does this sound familiar?

You feel overwhelmed with the recruiting process and have no clue where to begin. This process can seem very complex and be difficult to understand. The information available online can often be frustrating to navigate alone.
As someone who has personally been through the process, I have extensive knowledge in the recruiting field and have proven success helping parents and current juniors through it.
You Are Concerned About Making "The Right" College Decision.
Our hands-on approach and guidance is designed to help you find the correct fit both as a student and as an athlete. Life is hard enough at times and there is not a one size fits all solution for every student-athlete. The best choice is different for everyone. 


As a parent, how can I help my son/daughter in the recruiting process?


The best thing parents can do for their junior golfers is to support them and give them as many opportunities as they are able to.

Can I help my junior golfer with the recruiting guide?


Yes of course. The guide is built for parents and juniors to work through it together. However, the player should be the one communicating with coaches.

What is your refund policy?


If within 30 days you are not satisfied with the Guide we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

 What is the best age to start the golf recruiting process?


 It is never too early to start the process!

How is The Golf Recruiting Guide different?


The guide is different because it is the simplest and most actionable way of finding the best school for your student-athlete.