The Origin of the Golf Recruiting Guide

I created this guide to help parents and junior players understand the recruiting process so they can make the best possible decision for their future. This is done by marketing the player in the best possible way so that they may have the most amount of options to pick from for their future.

This was created by myself because, put simply, I was one the least marketable junior golfers in this country. On paper I was a Division 3 player or Division 2 player AT BEST. If you know a little bit about my story you know that I was a 5 year Division 1 Golfer as well as captain of the team my final year. Why was I not marketable? How did I accomplish this?

I first picked up a golf club when I was kid, nothing too serious and I never had an aspiration to play anything competitively. I swung the golf club left handed and had fun with it. Then came a day when I was in 10th grade I decided I wanted to play golf full time and compete at it. Well for whatever reason now that I was older I wanted to swing right handed. So I am about halfway through 10th grade and I can not break 100 (understandable I just started to play right handed. Keep in mind I was dreadfully bad left handed at this point). So not only do I suck but I've never even played a legitimate tournament at this point. This means I had two summers to play competitive golf and get good enough to play at any college. I will save the details for another article but long story short It was October of 2017 and I had not contacted a single coach. A few local D3 schools had shown some interest in me but other than that nothing. I spent from October of 2017 to March of 2018 researching and figuring out everything there is to know about the recruiting process as well as how to maximize my potential, as well as sell myself. I took everything I learned from this and have put it into a decisive and actionable guide. The guide along with my 1 on 1 coaching guarantees you will be able to find the most amount of options. By the time I finished I had 2 D1 Offers, 2 D2 offers and 10+ D3 offers. If I can take myself who was not marketable on paper the slightest to D1, I am confident we can market you or your child.