Where to start? What is the point of this service?

To sum up the golf recruiting process as well as the point of the golf recruiting guide there are two types of situations that junior golfers fall into. They are either really marketable on paper because of their scores or they are not as marketable from the scores on their resume as they would like to be.

In the first case, there will not be an issue finding that player options for schools. They might not be the best situation for them but there will be a plethora of options because of their above average results on paper. The point of the golf recruiting guide at that point is to help get themselves out there in the correct manner. As well sifting through the possible options they may have and making the best decision for their future (academically, athletically, financially, etc)

In the second case there might not be as many options available for the player with average or below average results. I will help this player gather as many options for schools as possible. We do this by marketing them in the correct way and maximizing their strengths and potential. Once we gather options then we begin to sift through them and find the best fit. Everyone has strengths and as long as they have belief in themselves, and a passion for golf. I am confident we can find a good fit for anyone regardless of how marketable or unmarketable they are.

Better scores speeds up the process for sure, but not everyone is on the same timeline, everyone grows at their own pace. I was a D3 prospect at best and went on to become the captain of a Division 1 team. That was my story and my journey. I invite you to embark on your own.